Skateboarding means everything to me. its my life. it means that i have a big family spread out in the world. I can face everything that i feel or think through skateboarding – Akram

There is a skate scene in Tunisia and its growing more and more each year, with kids gathering themselves and creating crews, selling their boards to each other so the sustain the skate scene also because Tunisia have big hip hop and rap culture skateboarding is strong enough to stand out and recognised as a scene and through that a cultural was made particularly in tunisia – Gazouza

The skateboarding culture itself originates from the surfing kids of sixties’ California. I mean most of the shit we wear, eat or listen to is from America! Some shit is bad , some shit is good, but one thing I’m sure of is that our skate scene like many others is a window to the world and it’s our role to keep it that way. Keep that window open for people to recycle the culture to their own taste, to take what they like from it and create at their own space – Krich

As a crew, we’ve been playing roles in the scene for a while! Locally we’ve been involved with lots of different projects but we mainly just skate and that’s it. We film some stuff on the gram and talk about what’s happening to promote the Tunisian scene, but I think it’s still a young scene so we gotta focus on skateboarding, all good things will come along – Krich

Always fun even with citizens in a bad mood or the usual police that keeps kicking us out every time we cross each other – Batta

It’s much more mellow to skate in Tunis in a way, I love it. Even if it lacks materials, support or recognition, the best thing about our city is to skate untouched spots and above all, skate with the homies – Krich

Skateboarding in Tunisia feels REAL.

The lack of skate shops and skateparks pushes the skaters to go out and skate in the streets and hanging out like rebels together on board. Also the fact that it’s mainly street skating that makes everyone to progress almost at the same time. we mainly go out meet at a coffee shop in downtown Lafayette then we go hit the streets looking for new spots or warming up in a garden close to the coffee shop, then hit the streets all the way to the main spot BIAT which is a space in front of BIAT bank “hints the name”. We always chill together talk skate drink smoke listen to music or watch our friends dance it’s always fun and every day there’s something new happening or a story to tell – Akram

Many people interact with us on the street when we are skating. There are positive and negative things. There are those who look and go. There are those who want to try and admire and encourage us. There are people who mock what we do, but this matters to them in the least cases. We do something that we love and make us happy – Gazouz

Some people get fascinated by the fact that there’s a skateboarding culture and they want to support us by showing love – Akram

Ah man! the feeling when you get from pushing in the streets between the cars and big busses. the feeling when all of us decide to go and look for a spot and when we do find one , one us do a gnarly trick on and we all get hyped to skate more. the feeling when you skate all day then by the end of the night we all go and chill in a garden and listen to music. you can’t be particular about skateboarding! skateboarding is a big family and all family are the same everywhere in the world! but the spots in tunisia are insane – Akram


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